We at HOOP believe in the importance of making the site and its contents accessible to the entire population, and make every effort to allow you a comfortable, efficient and pleasant browsing experience.

The HOOP Jobs website takes the values ​​of equality and giving every surfer and every person to surf the site in a convenient, efficient and easy way seriously. In order to maintain our approach, we have trained and made the site accessible according to the Equal Rights Standard for People with Disabilities. Using technology and advanced tools can now allow any complete and relaxed access to all the content on the site.

How do I enable the accessibility menu?

In the left corner of the site, approximately in the center of your screen, you will find the accessibility button. This button offers a variety of different accessibility options. Click the button to open the accessibility options and select the accessibility option that is relevant to you and the setting that is relevant to you. The site will load almost immediately with the new settings. To close the accessibility menu, press the accessibility button again.

Different accessibility options:

Enlarge text - You can increase / decrease the text on the site as you wish.

Shades and colors - You can change the colors and shades on the site, improve or decrease the contrast, perform the opposite contrast with the click of a button and more.

Highlight links - Want to emphasize the links on the site? Click this button.

Point readable - Change the font on the site to a standard, bold and larger font for easier reading.

Reset - A button that resets the settings and allows you to make the necessary adjustments again.

Accessibility arrangements also at the company's offices:

Our I believe is far beyond computer screens. We made sure to make our office and every floor accessible to people with disabilities with easy access and no obstacles. You will also find parking spaces for the disabled. 

We are interested in offering you the best!

If you have a question, claim or special request, please contact us by phone or via the contact page on the website. We will do everything we can to improve your accessibility and convenience on our site and in general. Despite the many efforts we put into making the site accessible, there may always be openings for pages or services that are not accessible enough, so we would be happy if you could shed light on our subject.

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